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Pricing art is a tricky lil thing to make fit in a perfect box. Each project requires a lot of different elements- but here are some ranges to give you an idea. Exact quotes can be discussed one-on-one. Feel free to email me with questions :) Prices are based on size of piece, estimated hours of labor, shipping, cost of materials, and demand.

I will not respond to your email about commissioning a piece unless I have open spots. Soon, I promise.



When submitting painting commission requests please include: what you would like the painting of and how big you'd like the canvas. I can then give you an exact quote! 

Shipping prices are general estimates. 

Portraits are something that requires a certain amount of space for me to get a quality level of detail and composition. For that reason, the limit of the number of faces I include in a piece, is listed with each option. 


$100 shipping

portrait limit: 1 


$100 shipping

portrait limit: 1


$100 shipping

portrait limit: 1-4


$100 shipping

portrait limit: 1-8


$100 shipping

portrait limit: 1-8


$300 shipping

portrait limit: 1-15


$300 shipping

portrait limit: 1-12


$400 shipping

portrait limit: 1-30


$500 shipping

portrait limit: 1-40

make me paint 40 faces though and i might cry 

Murals & Alternative Surfaces


Quotes for pieces painting on things other than canvases, like a stop sign or clothes or a mirror, quotes can be discussed one on one. 
To estimate cost, compare to similar surface areas of canvases.



When submitting tattoo commission requests please include: which body part you plan to get the tattoo, if you want color or black/grey, as much detail as you can tell me, and reference pictures if you have them!

Tattoo designs include rendered drawing of complete layout and a separate outline of the line-work.  


black & grey : $200-500
color: $300-600

Price depends on size and complexity of the piece. Quotes for tattoos are more of a one on one situation here. 

piece must not exceed the size of an average hand. 


black & grey : $700-1,500
color : $800-1,500

Price for half sleeves and quarter sleeves included within this range.

arm sleeves, leg sleeves, back, and chest pieces



but jess, what if I want to do something crazy? 

then let's get crazy... say for example you want your garden gnome pimped, or you want me to paint on a stop sign, or a pair of shoes, or a painting on glass/mirror, or a circular painting, or a plywood cut out of a life sized rhianna, or a skate deck, or something that lights up... I love a challenge just as much as I like trying new things. 

point is: if you can dream it, believe it baby. 

hit me up, we can brainstorm, I'll make you a special quote, and together we can make something brand new

fun fact not a lot of people know about me: I can weld. Do with that information what you wish. 


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