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Mental Faces

"The struggle between fighting your thoughts of unhappiness or lack of motivation or fears. While everyone else sees the "face" or facade you have created for their benefit. Idk if you vibe with it or like it. It's ok if you can't see it. Thank you for your time." - my client

my interpretation- the struggle between dark authenticity and boundaries.

"Everyone forms an idea of who you are in their minds, but they only know small portions of your life, thoughts and who you would consider yourself. Your inner self is constantly changing your prospective of who you are as well. So with that thought. There are thousands of "you's" out there. Bunch of different realities of what others THINK you are. But the truth is no one really knows. Not even yourself."

people get pulled apart by their complexities. the humble unknown is that some sides of ourselves are yet to be discovered.

"Others perceptions are really wrong sometimes. The person who looks like they have it all and is super happy, is really sad and lonely in their thoughts."

the reality is, we are all complex.

"What we should be doing is trying out our best to convince ourselves that the reality we tell ourselves is true and good and happy. That even though we have all these secrets that we feel are short comings or flaws it's ok and we can think positively of ourselves."

we can choose a happy face even when that means grin and bear it.

"But thats the struggle. The struggle between the outside and the in. The quiet thoughts no one will ever hear, and the things we do on the outside to try and change the thoughts on the inside."

there is struggle because there is choice. the happy face is for them and for you.

The faces pushing through the balloon are the counsel of choices and thoughts in our mind. This piece represents their movement, their pull (sometimes in alternate directions), and that the synthetic/latex happy face that holds them all in, is the boundary that we choose to place between ourselves and others. That is my interpretation of the feelings he expressed.

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