These are some of my large ink drawings and paintings that I have done and what they represent and mean to me. Some of these concepts came to me after reflecting on the finished product and I encourage other interpretations as well.



University of Nebraska- Lincoln: Senior Exhibition

not your average art show- my senior exhibition was about how fine art is confined to a box... literally a box. they call them galleries.

and i’m not trying to say that they should put tattoos in galleries, but tattooing has a rightful place in the fine art world. a tattoo is at it’s full beauty and power when it lives on a person, travels with them across the world, and dies with them. a single tattoo is not meant to impact the world, but each one impacts the world of the person who wears it. their history is vast- culture strong- and prestige ignored.

To see details of this show: click here. 


Background: Black Posca Paint marker
Outline/Shading: Graphite
30 hours
24” x 36”

This piece is one from a series where I aim to shed light on areas of Fine Art that are not represented. There is no mention of tattooing in museums or Art History courses. Tattooing has plenty of rich history and cultural elements to be discussed in these spaces and yet it is not. With tattooing spreading in popularity and acceptance it seems as though the fine art scene is becoming outdated.

I incorporate greek statue as the thread that ties all my pieces together. This drawing of Helios with tattoos combines both forms of what I feel should be considered Fine Art. I do not argue here that greek statue should be disgarded in Fine Art but I think it would be foolish to say that tattooing is not worthy of equal praise. 



Background: 1.8-2.5 mm Black Posca Paint marker

Outline/Shading: Fine point Black Sharpie

Grey tones: Grey Watercolor Koi Brush Pen

4 hours

24” x 30” 

It is one of the few pieces I sold that was not a direct commission. I frequently draw squids and octopi and this was a piece I did following personal interest in the subject matter. 

The ocotopus represents an all expanding force with a multitude of directionality and strength. I chose to put it breaking through a box or boarder to show the power in determinence. 


Background: Black Posca Paint marker

Outline/Shading: Sharpie

Grey tones: Grey Koi marker

10 hours

24” x 30”

This piece is about the duality and relationship of progress and impulse. The progress is represented by the foliage to show a symbol of growth. The snake represents impulse. 

Although they are seemingly opposite forces, they are both reactions that are ways to accure satisfaction. One, impulses, strive to give instant satisfaction; whereas growth or progress is the process of obtaining delayed gratification. The deconstructed face represents the choice that comes into play. To listen to instinct or to practice self control. 



Background: Black Posca Paint marker

Outline: Black Sharpie

Grey tones: Grey Koi markers

13 hours

24” x 30” 

This piece is about first impressions and their progress into a more collective understanding of a person as you get to know them. 

The fruit and flowers represent outward apperance and how representation is usually presented in a positive light and under futher investiagion, where the things are normally hidden are revealed, we see the whole picture.