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Wisdom & Wealth

Conceptually this piece aimed to display wisdom and wealth as the pillars of my clients life. He describes wisdom in terms of knowledge and discernment and wanted to highlight wealth in terms of emotional and material wealth.

Visually he requested:

- Pluto the God of Wealth

- Minerva the Goddess of Knowledge

- some latin incorporated

- unique

Left Arm Wisdom and Wealth Tattoo Sleeve:


Pluto has his hand extended downward to show seeds coming out and falling where the flowers are growing. This represents investment. The pillar of wealth in a person's life benefits them highest when they make smart investments with their money and emotions.

Emotional wealth is represented by the flowers.

Material wealth is represented by the leaves.

The seeds falling on fertile land represents investing wisely in areas where growth is supported.

The plants on Pluto's staff represent the wealth that has been earned but not spent.

wealth and wisdom intersect at decision making.


Minerva's hand picks feathers from the same plot Pluto is harvesting. The leaves of the flowers shift into feathers. This is because where one spends time and emotion becomes the place they learn and the source of their grow. Each feather represents the unknown outside of one's control: a piece of advice or an event or a fact or whatever grows there.

Minerva is the Goddess of Knowledge. Wisdom comes from strong discernment over which facts are true and useful and which are not. Each fact that she decides is worthy, gets added to her armor.

Designed to accentuate the natural curve of the left arm.

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