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This piece has the most conceptual explanation/planning I've ever done.

Close ups:


The past is represented by a black/white photograph. The frame of the photograph is linked like a chain to the doorway of money. Your present self will only have what you've already earned but haven't spent. The face looks behind you as is placed on the back of the arm.

The future is represented by a bust with no eyes and part of his dome missing because you cannot see or imagine the future- it is unpredictable. The yellow glow on the face represents nurture (light caused by the money pathway) and the blue is nature (coming off the timeline which shows a single pathway to a predetermined destiny).

The abstracted timeline is placed on the inner arm closest to the body. It is filled and connected to the past, but not yet the future.


Money was requested to be shown in its raw form of gold bricks and dollar bills as a "tool for opportunity." The pathway transforms from a stairway to a floating/limitless line of floating gold. The doorway is opening toward the future as an omen for good fortune.

The gold pathway then wraps down around the thermostat to show that these materials, melted down, return to the earth.


Thermal: represented by the thermostat. Compositionally placed to run along the inner arm because it is the warmest part of the arm.

Electric: represented by the electricity.

Mechanical: represented by the gears. Blue wires represent potential energy and the red tubes represent kinetic.

Chemical: represented by a plasmid map.

Electromagnetic: the sun squiggle is an artistic version of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Nuclear: represented by the atom. I connected this to the strand of DNA because I thought it was interesting to consider that everything is made of atoms... so each atom that makes up your very existence, has the potential of an atomic bomb.

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